An award-winning, talented and motivated freelance Arabic Art Director, born and raised in the Abu Dh.......**yawn**


Alright now, I really don't wanna bore you! So let me introduce myself to you my way... The fun way! 


Basically, I'm an Art Director with a singing feature, a filmmaking eager, adventure seeker, interesting grounds creeper, just for fun teaser, action believer and sometimes Gibberish speaker.


                And if you would like to know more

                about me, here is my CV. 

Oh, and this is
how I sound like...
with a beat!

So in case you would like to hear my voice, here is a music video of a song called 'Set me free'. It was written, composed, performed, edited and directed by me.

It was produced as a final project in my final year in university.

I hope you enjoy it!

Silver (Automotive Category)


Dubai Lynx 2013 :

Bronze Print

Cartoon Network Animation Academy: Unfinished Business


MENA Cristal 2013 :

Print Shortlist

Cartoon Network Animation Academy: Unfinished Business


Young Lynx Integrated Competition 2013 :

3rd Place


Dubai Lynx 2011 :

Film Shortlist

Etihad Airways: Long Haul Shorter


New York Festivals 2009 :

Bronze Print

International Music Institute



Don't be shy and drop me a note
to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.